Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Top Five Tips for Winning a Tattoo Design Contests

The popularity of tattoos is increasing every day. The industry has seen a lot of growth in the number of designers, tattoo artists and the ones who love to get their skins inked. Young, creative and talented artists have brought freshness to the tattoo designs and now one finds a wide range of tattoo themes, styles, colors and variations.

There are beautiful intricate designs, big size dragons, bright flowers, hummingbirds, and even words and phrases in different languages. One of the biggest reasons that such brilliantly creative tattoo designs and artists have shown up is the popularity of online tattoo design contests. These contests are launched by someone who wishes to have unique tattoo design made based on one's ideas and preferences.
If you are a designer, these contests are a great platform for you to showcase your talent to the whole world and earn good money along with that. The article below discussed the top five tips for improving your chances of winning tattoo design contests.

1. Originality - The tattoo design must be original and not copyrighted by someone else. If they are duplicate and not original art work, they are disqualified immediately.

2. Size - There are different tattoos sizes based on the design and the body part where it needs to be inked. Although you may discuss the size with the client before starting to work on it, the recommended sizes are:
Large - These are sizes that are greater than six inches and less than ten inches.
Medium - This size ranges from three inches to six inches.
Small - The size of the tattoo in this range is within three inches.

3. Location - Size as well as the intricacy of design depends greatly upon the location of the tattoo. Proactively ask the client about the location and also let them know that some designs look better on certain locations than others.
Back - covers the entire back or a portion of the back.
Leg - covers the entire leg or a portion of the leg.
Arm - covers the entire arm or a portion of the arm.
Shoulder - covers the shoulder.
Neck - covers the neck.
Stomach -- covers the stomach or a portion of the stomach.
Head - covers the head or a portion of the head.



















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